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Solid 11 is India's one of the fastest growing fantasy sports Company that provides users to play fantasy sports. game of Skill that provides Fantasy cricket, into a gradually increasing consumer base of more than 5 thousand players.

For almost any sports enthusiast, a Sincere on-field adventure can be as interesting because it's rare! So, to offer this routine fact a twisted spin arrived solid11 a Fantasy sports game which enabled an incredible number of cricket supporters from the India to ultimately possess their very own Fantasy teams, even so virtual! Get your Skill targeted around for several solid games and set your Fantasy sports gyaan into the barbecue. With powerful Solid11, significantly more than just 6 Crore athletics fans are still living their fantasies, daily.

Solid11 is an Fantasy sport where players make a digital Team of real-time players and also get points dependent on the performances of those players at real games. Solid11 provides paid and free competitions. An individual need to cover a particular commission to combine with competition plus certainly will acquire real money. to take part in a more solid11 match, an individual Must has to have 18 yrs of age.

In the event that you aren't sure concerning your cricketing understanding, then do not stress. You may get some invaluable practical experience and understanding because you play with Fantasy Cricket. You may even take a look at our powerful Solid11 mentor to get an improved vision into the players and matches. You may practice together with the completely free leagues just before engaging from the bucks & tournaments that are private.

This Is the Way you have made:
Solid11 is now India's fastest growing fantasy Sports-game having the exponentially Growing user base of more than 1million athletics supporters.

Solid11 Is performed with together with your game wisdom and talent. You may select your team consisting of authentic players such as Cricket. Make your crew in the highest funding of a hundred(100) credits. Your workforce gets points centered on your favorite gamers' operation from the real-time games. It is the right time for you to flaunt your art and also proceed for glory!

Follow the following 5 Simple Things to Do to begin: ·

· Decide on a Match: Decide on someone of the Approaching games from some of those present or forthcoming cricket string

· Make Your Crew: Utilize your sports understanding and also exhibit your abilities to Make Your Solid11 team in a Price Range of 100 credits

· Combine a Competition: Combine any Solid11 cash or free competition to acquire cash and also the best bragging rights to show-off your progress from the Free/Skill competitions on Solid11! ·

· Practice the Match: Observe the True game and monitor your own Solid11 Score-card (upgraded every two minutes)

· Withdraw your Winnings: Immediately draw your winnings out of the Solid11 accounts (One Particular Period Verification Expected)
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